Canadian publishers interested in licensing books to libraries add new books to desLibris on a regular basis as they are published. See here for a list of publishers.

Books on Subscription

Nearly 100 independent Canadian publishers have to date made over 16,000 titles available for library use through subscription licensing, allowing for multiple simultaneous users. Many volumes and series critical for the pursuit of Canadian studies are available here.

Books for Purchase

Most subscription titles are also available for purchase under perpetual access licensing terms. Another 4000 titles are available for perpetual access licensing only, having been excluded from subscription licensing by their publishers. (Generally these are frontlist titles from scholarly publishers.)

Users may read online any books which their library has licensed, and (publisher rights permitting,) may read these offline in HTML form.

To hide user access to books not licensed by your library, see "Filtering user access and views."

Portions of the Books may be printed and copied within the reader. All books are subject to the terms of the Canada Copyright Act protecting the original authors’ rights. The system restricts printing and copying to remain within copyright limits.

Special Collections

Some publishers wish to license their books as collections (as well as or instead of as single books.) These are licensed on an annual subscription basis.
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Public Documents

A curated collection of monographs from Canadian public policy institutes, government agencies, advocacy groups, think-tanks, university research centres and other public interest groups. The organizations included in this collection represent the leading edge of primary research and opinion in all areas of Canadian public policy. Their publications are vital to the understanding of developing issues in every arena of Canadian public life. This collection includes all titles in the former Canadian Electronic Library Public Policy and Health Research Collections, the latter of which covers monograph publications from Canadian research institutes, government agencies and university centres working in the area of health and medical research.

There are over 40,000 titles in the current combined collection to date, and the service provides 300-400 new current titles to subscribers every month. Beginning in 2016, new documents are added to the collection on at least a weekly basis, with key titles in the news appearing daily.

Any desLibris visitor may read public documents online. Authenticated Library users may also download them in PDF form for personal use. All are provided under open access terms, but all are subject to the Canada Copyright Act protecting the original authors’ rights as stated on the document.

See also: Government of Canada Checklist

Open Access Content

The term "Open Access" is more commonly applied to journal literature than monographs. See Wikipedia article. In the desLibris context, since Public Documents are provided for online reading without DRM restrictions, the term is applied to these.

Some scholarly publishers are also releasing Open Access monographs. The desLibris Publisher License does not permit us to make these available without DRM, so we provide, where possible, a link in the "Other Ways to Get this Book" panel to the original publisher website where the Open Access title may be found.

Persistent Links

All books and documents in the collection bear unique, persistent links which may be copied and shared without limit. And all search links are unique and persistent, meaning that they may be shared as a means of creating reading lists. More here.